Dave Goes the Distance

David Millar is a gay software engineer, puzzle author, taco enthusiast, and cat guardian in Fort Worth, Texas, United States. Dave can be reached at:

List of projects follows.

You Might Have (dot) Fun Launched September 2018

Quick and easy to access schedule of weekly comedy open mics in the DFW metroplex. Splits out mics by city center and day and displays them in a calendar view by time that makes planning a busy night out effortless.

Interst8 Launched August 2018

Progressive Web App with a series of curated riddles and word puzzles using U.S. state abbreviations. Free, installable, offline-capable, responsive.

Secret Special Launched April 2017

Long-form blog covering life and occasionally work.

All the Tacos Launched April 2016

Fort Worth, Texas is a city of many tacos, and I endeavor to eat one of each. All the Tacos is my space for sharing that adventure through photos of the tacos, people, places, and my logbook. As seen in The Fort Worth Star-Telegram and on WFAA 8 News.

Staple Day Launched February 2016

In 2015, I jokingly coined the term "staple day" as the day when notebook users reach the centerfold of their books; the day they see the staples. It caught on in a few communities and in February 2016 I started cataloging the efforts of others' celebrations.

I Am Awesome Launched November 2013

My random projects are now at I Am Awesome. Includes everything from art, written works, candymaking, and more.

Paranormal Puzzle Pack Launched July 2012

My first venture into the world of self-publishing, Paranormal Puzzle Pack was funded via Kickstarter and all of the puzzles, graphics, and text are my own.

Perplexible Launched January 2012

With no gathering place for would-be puzzle bloggers, Perplexible was launched to give a home for mainstream puzzlers to guest post and small-time puzzlers to get started for the first time with a shared audience, no costs, and no hassle.

Dave's Mapper Launched December 2010

I created Dave's Mapper in December 2010 after submitting a bugfix for a similar tool developed by Rob Lang. Since then, I've cultivated it as an open-source project with over 1000 community-made tiles and a slew of features for GMs.

The Griddle Launched February 2006

Since my last year of high school I've strived to put out some of the nicest puzzles on the web for free consumption by all. My puzzles have a touch of personal style along with the myriad of puzzle types — some common, some not.